What is Yoga + with Anna

What is Yoga + with Anna

Yoga is an ancient philosophy, one of the six major ones in India.

In the west, we often see yoga as exercise, something you can do at a gym. But actually Yoga is about much more than that:
The word yoga can be translated in different ways, for example “bonding” or “oneness”. Oneness of the individual soul with the consciousness. Or oneness with yourself.

What exactly does that mean?
That means, that life should be balanced. Only when we reach balance, we can be healthy and happy long-term.

Yoga tries to reach that state of balance through several stages:

  1. Yamas = ethical rules towards others, for example Ahimsa (non-violence) or Satya (truthfulness)
  2. Niyamas = ethical rules towards yourself, for example Saucha (cleanliness inside and out), Samtosa (contentment)
  3. Asanas = postures
  4. Pranayama =breath work
  5. Pratyahara = withdrawal of the senses
  6. Dharana = concentration
  7. Dhyana = meditation
  8. Samadhi = oneness, balance


Yoga with Anna

As you can tell, yoga is much more than just relaxation and stretching. However if this whole description seems too complicated or spiritual to you, don’t worry. During my classes I make sure that each person can experience the different stages for themselves. That’s the most important part about yoga, self experience.
The classes are laid out in a way that each stage can be experienced, the naming of the stages is not important for that, I will guide you through various postures, breath work and meditation.
During every class you have the opportunity to set your own intention, so that you can work on your individual goals. That’s why a class can be perceived very differently from student to student, depending on your personal focus.

The classes are mostly Vinyasa Yoga, a dynamic yoga style that combines flowing movements with your breath. I always give several variations for each practice, so that you can decide individually how far you want to go and what feels good. The yoga practice increases flexibility, strength, balance and calmness.
The end of each class is relaxation, so that you can soak up new energy.


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