Private Lessons

Private Lessons


A private Session allows us to focus on your needs. First we will discuss your goals and then make a plan how to reach them together. Common goals are increasing flexibility, strength, concentration, balance and many more. Another possibility is to work on an illness (see yoga-therapy)
After the session you  will receive a summary, so that you can practice at home by yourself.

The frequency of private sessions is very dependant on your goals, motivation and schedule. In some cases it makes sense to schedule an appointment once a week, in others it makes sense to have breaks of several weeks. We will talk about this during our first appointment.

One possibilty is to use my Yogaroom in Bonn Center which is equipped with all kinds of props, mats and lots of room.
Within a radius of 2km around Bonn center I can come to your place at an additional cost of 10€ per session. Please make sure you have enough room.

Price per hour: 75€
5 card: 350€

If you have any other questions, please let me know!
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