About Me

About Me

I had to learn the hard way that nothing in life is more important than being healthy. 2011 I fell quite ill and in the same year I had a car accident and injured my spine. I went and saw a lot of different doctors, but each one of them just took me out of work for weeks at a time and put me on pain killers. Nobody could actually help me or even say what was wrong with me.

Several years before I had already started with Yoga, but never quite liked it. However when I found myself sick at home in 2011 and no one to help, I realized that I can’t keep going like this. I started with small Yoga exercises at home, at first just small stretches.
After a few weeks my pain decreased, and after a few months my spine was mostly back to normal.

I found a Yoga Teacher that also taught me the meditative side of Yoga.

In 2014 I decided to give up my job as a chemist to dedicate my life to health and happiness. I started by fulfilling a lifelong dream and traveled around the world for a year. I took yoga and meditation classes in various different cultures and countries. In the end I learned so much about health and happiness, that I decided to share it with the world. That’s why I took the yoga teacher training.

Back in Germany I started studying nutrition science in Bonn to find out how to keep the body healthy with nutrition.

Every human being is an individual with different needs. There is no universal diet, yoga practice or therapy that suits everybody. That’s why I put the focus in the classes on individuality, so each person can look into themselves, find their needs to become and stay healthy and happy.

Steps on my Yoga Path

  • 230h Yoga Teacher Training, AYC, USA (2015)
  • several Workshops Thai Yoga (2016/2017)
  • 14h “Advancing Therapeutic Education” with L. Kaminoff (2017)
  • 300h Yoga Teacher Training, India (2017)
  • 30h Yoga Therapy Training, India (2017)
  • 30h Yoga Therapy Training, India (2017)
  • 3h TT Pranayama und Bandhas (2018)
  • 25h “Anatomy, Alignment, Adjustments” with Mark Stephens (2018)
  • 50h Yoga for Kids – YoBEKA (2018/19)

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