It’s official

It’s official

It’s official.
I took the scary decision to give up a great career opportunity.
I just quit my job. I am going to fulfill my lifelong dream to travel around the world and to make it even sweeter- Kevin (my boyfriend ;)) is coming too!

We are selling all of our belongings, giving up our apartment and saying goodbye to everyone for a while.
I hope that this is inspiration for all of you out there to go after what you want, to take risky decision that could lead to happiness, cos after all only being happy makes life worth living and if you are miserable at your job or the place you live or people that surround you, or really anything at all, then I hope we will inspire you to do the same and just give it a shot. Go and try something new, go after your dreams, discover new places. There’s just too much in the world to see to spend your time in a place you don’t like working a job that you don’t love, just for money, safety or other reasons.
It does not matter what anyone thinks of you, life is short and risks must be taken. If you are not happy, change something! You don’t want to look back on life one day and regret that most of your decisions were based on the wrong reasons.

There are no excuses, it is all up to you!

Be happy, smile and you can be anywhere in the world you want to be

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