Business Yoga

Business Yoga

The expectations on workers and management have increased dramatically in the past years. More people in corporations are feeling stressed and not up to the tasks that are being put upon them. Health-reports from health insurances such as the DAK are showing, that the sick-days due to Burnout and Stress have climbed drastically in recent years, with a tendency to keep rising.

Yoga for businesses helps work against these stressors. Workers and managers learn key competencies through Yoga to help overcome stress and experience calmness. Through selected practices the mind is given peace to start the day with new energy. Productivity, concentration and work efficiency are positively effected by Yoga.

Along with combating stress, Yoga is also helpful as a prevention in many other cases, such as acute back pain (eg. through extended sitting or heavy lifting), headaches and tensions (eg. through work on a screen) and much more.

Yoga is a holistic approach to wholesome health, through which your business will benefit.

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